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Why Buy From Us?

Why People Join the AutoStrada Family...

1. Our Customers Prefer To Buy Cars That Have Been Thoroughly Inspected and Re-Conditioned

There are over 78,400,000 results when you search Google under "buying a used car checklist".  Unfortunately all this research won't get you a great car...but it will take up a large portion of your time and probably confuse the heck out of you!

This is what we do.  You won't end up driving a car you won't want to own.  We run a North American history report to find out if there any insurance claims or accidents registered against the VIN.  We then do a complete 55 point mechanical inspection to insure the vehicle will give you peace of mind.   We then do a safety inspection looking for any required items that need attending to.  And lastly a complete deep cleaning is done so that your car looks its best when you pick it up.

We offer and highly recommend various terms of an Extended Service Agreement so that you aren't surprised with any sudden or unexpected repair bills down the road.  We also recommend a complete Ziebart Protection Package, so that your interior, paint, undercarriage, frame and body stay in tip-top shape.
2. Smart Consumers Buy Pre-Owned Vehicles 

Except for homes, vehicles are often our second biggest purchase. Yet unlike homes, which almost always go up in value, cars and trucks depreciate substantially during the first few years. Smart buyers avoid that financial hit by buying the vehicle later in it's life cycle. They buy a used vehicle from AutoStrada to save money on the purchase and save money on their auto insurance.  And because AutoStrada thoroughly inspects, repairs and can warranty the vehicle for an extended period, it just makes sense to buy your next used car from AutoStrada at an UNBEATABLE Family Price.

3. Our Customers are Picky, Like Us

Getting a bad used car can be a nightmare that wastes your money, your time, and puts your family at risk. But you don't have the access or the experience to consistently find the best cars and avoid problems.

We buy many of our cars from our customers, and our family tradition doesn't require us to buy 50-100 cars/month.  We don't have big quotas to fill like some larger lots, which forces them to accept less desirable vehicles in the name of volume.

AutoStrada Inc is happily a low volume family dealer. We can spend more time with each vehicle and be much more choosey. We insist on good vehicles with good backgrounds. After all, we are buying for family.  Yet all the cars we reject end up on someone else's lot for sale to unsuspecting consumers.

We insist that each vehicle passes our "Family Test."  If we wouldn't feel comfortable letting our son's or daughter's depend on that car, we won't buy it, and we certainly won't sell it. Vehicles that pass our rigid screening criteria are Certified and come with a 3 month / 3000 km comprehensive warranty and a 6 month / 6000 km powertrain warranty.

4. AutoStrada customers Value Careful Preparation

Most used car dealers just barely clean their vehicles, change the oil, and put them on the lot. When AutoStrada buys a vehicle, we run it through a 55-point inspection in our own shop. We make sure everything is safe and in good working order. We recheck everything.

If we uncover a problem that's not worth fixing, we won't put the car on our lot.  We won't knowingly sell a problem car and let the customer (or their warranty company) absorb the costs when problems surface later.

5. Our Customers Appreciate Being Treated Well

We have been here since 1968 and are family run.  You'll find us helpful and pressure-free.  We'll answer all your questions.  Many customers and their entire families have bought vehicles from us repeatedly over decades. So we take the long term view and do everything we can, to maintain the goodwill of each customer.

6. Every used vehicle is unique and no two are alike

We value each and every inquiry we receive on the lot, on the phone or on-line.
Many of our customers prefer the internet so here is our internet sales process:
Log on to www.autostradacars.ca

  • You contact us with your questions
  • We respond immediately
  • We may engage in dialogue to clarify the information
  • We provide answers to your questions and present choices for you
  • An appointment is set to review the vehicle(s) and the quote(s)
  • When we agree on terms, you take delivery faster and easier than you thought possible

You join the AutoStrada family and tell all your friends how happy you are and that they too should join the family!